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Supporting Refugees in North Africa: Our Recent Visit To A Refugee Camp

Updated: Aug 9

These are the inhabitants of a sprawling tent settlement, home to over 1000 people without access to work, food, sanitation facilities, welfare support, and many of the basic services we take for granted.

Thousands of these migrants have been uprooted from border areas and transported to this city. Many have chosen to make this location their temporary home and this has ignited some tension within the community as locals struggle to manage scarce resources with their new refugee neighbours.

We have deliberately decided to keep the location of this site secret so as not to exacerbate an already volatile situation for everyone concerned.

In the last nine years, Refuge Network International has supported refugees and migrants in North Africa with food, essential items, and advice. A month ago, we visited a number of locations, including this camp, and gave them a donation of food and clothing.

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