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Charity news. Get updates on our activities and other relevant news items here including our  homeless and refugee support projects as well as our poverty alleviation and feeding programmes in London.

RNI Media 

Documenting Social Injustices, Making Invisible People Visible,Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Photography has played a significant role in advancing human rights. Images possess the potential to expose suffering, oppression and injustices. A picture can mobilise a thousand voices and attract an army of helpers to a just cause. Through our interviews, videos, and photographs, we strive to empower the marginalised by documenting social injustices, making invisible homeless people visible, and giving voice to marginalised communities. Everyone deserves to be heard. We are friends with homeless/disadvantaged people, many of whom are eager to tell their stories and express their opinions. Refuge Network faithfully documents these experiences. You will find them in pictures and videos on our media platforms. These images also reflect various aspects of our charitable work.

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