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Report On Our Outreach To Homeless People In Central London This Christmas

More than a 5th of the global population lack adequate housing and about 150 million people are homeless. Far from being insulated, wealthy European nations are equally struggling to cope with this phenomenon.

In the last few years, Germany has seen a 150% rise in homelessness pushing their homeless population beyond the 800 thousand mark due to the influx of refugees.

In France, it is estimated that over 140,000 people are homeless.

The situation is no different in the UK where the number is an alarming 320,000 homeless, with over 8000 sleeping rough on the streets of London. The borough of Westminster has the highest concentration of rough sleepers and research suggests the number is as high as 2500 in any given night. Homelessness is on the rise in the UK. Watch the video of our Christmas outreach to Westminster to support some homeless individuals and ensure they are not left out of the Christmas festivities. Join us to extend hope to them.

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