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Migrant Hell: Shocking Footage Of Where These Migrants & Refugees Call Home!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

You would not want your dog to sleep where these black African migrants are sleeping

We bring you the shocking and tear-evoking footage of one of the locations where African migrants huddle together ( it is almost impossible to have a proper sleep in this space) for warmth in the bitterly cold nights of Moroccan winter. Disturbingly, the individuals occupying this terrible place are more 'fortunate' than other sets of migrants we encountered. Many are sleeping in front of roadside shops totally exposed to the elements.

This is terribly wrong! No human being should be living like this. It would not cost much to put a roof over the heads of some of these people. They are not looking for anything fancy. We have never made an appeal to demand for money before. But we are constrained to cry out on behalf of these individuals who have been devalued by poverty and circumstances. With just £80 (approximately 1000 Moroccan Dirhams) some of these homeless migrants can get a room that would house 3 people for one month. Please get in touch with us if you want to help them. 100% of whatever you give would go directly towards renting the apartments. To make for transparency and accountability, all transactions would be fully documented and recorded. Each beneficiary will also record a thank you video which would be made available to all donors.

This hell-hole of a 'home' is like a bomb-devastated building consisting of various enclosures below ground level, where migrants dig themselves in and cover with cardboards and rough wood to hide from the rain and to keep warm. These structures are disasters waiting to happen, as the buildings are gradually collapsing. Are we going to wait for some of these people to get buried alive before we act?

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