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No community can insulate itself by isolating itself from the rest of humanity. Irrespective of colour, gender, race, ethnicity, or social differences, the human family is one global community; as the pandemic has shown us, whatever affects one might ultimately affect all. We must work to promote the collective good. It is in your interest to work for my good, and it is in mine to support yours. Life on earth is transient, while here, we must allow our candles to burn to give light to others.

Charles Gimoh, Founder Refuge Network International


We are Refuge Network International 


We are a local and international non-governmental organisation working with teams of dedicated local and foreign-based volunteers to alleviate poverty and empower communities.


Our Passion

We are passionate about the poor, the helpless and the hopeless. We strive to be a voice for the voiceless, a refuge for the vulnerable and a source of strength for the weak.


Our Vision

Our vision is to to see a free and fair world; one devoid of haunting poverty, senseless human suffering, and social injustices.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make a difference, and change lives; one person at a time.

Refuge Network is a people-centred non-profit operating with a strong emphasis on community. We engage with communities to promote social cohesion with a view to reducing inequities, increasing opportunities, facilitating equality, and fostering unity.  Our team is made up of local and international volunteer members and leaders representing over 80 nations. RNIs leaders are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and possess a rich diversity of experiences and expertise encompassing law, medicine, education, finance, housing, business, social care, and other areas related to our work.

Our Leadership Programme

We recognise the vital role of human capacity development in the fight against poverty and inequality. Therefore, we prioritise leadership development by equipping volunteers with the leadership exposure they need to drive change at the grassroots. To achieve this objective, Refuge Network has evolved a dynamic leadership model. Team members interested in developing their leadership potentials are given opportunities to serve alongside our experienced leaders via a revolving short-term leadership programme.

Meet Our Team

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