Refuge Network International
A poverty alleviation and community empowerment nonprofit promoting equitable access to food, housing, healthcare, education, and an adequate standard of living for individuals and families. 


  • During the pandemic, we are supporting the most  vulnerable & bringing communities together to effect change

  • Our volunteers come from over 40 countries

  • Get involved: because food, housing, and an adequate standard of living are basic human rights


150 Million

People Homeless Worldwide

689 Million

People Living In Extreme Poverty

820 Million

People Hungry On Earth

263 Million

Children & Youths Out Of School


making a difference|changing lives|one person at a time

  • Promoting Economic and Social Rights Through Research.

  •  Alleviating Poverty.

  • Supporting Refugees, Victims of Modern-Day Slavery and Marginalised People.

  • Helping Disadvantaged Kids and Homeless Individuals.

Refuge Network International is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose mission is to fight against social injustices, empower the marginalized, and alleviate human suffering principally through the promotion of Economic and Social Rights (ESR) in pragmatic and innovative ways.


We are a network of three non-profit organisations comprising Refuge Network, No Poverty Campaign, and Charity Across Borders. We work with the homeless, victims of human trafficking, refugees, individuals living in abject poverty, and other marginalized groups. 

With the dedication of our volunteers, staff, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of the needy. Contact us to see what you can do to bring about positive change.


Amount of food (including light meals) we distributed monthly in London during the pandemic. We are also giving out clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, socks, face masks, hand sanitisers, and other essentials.

Places where we have ongoing projects or have carried out humanitarian operations. The numbers are 13 countries and 20 cities.

Number of individual gift items we gave to homeless and impoverished individuals in London during the pandemic Christmas and New Year celebrations was over 1000.

International representation of our volunteers. Our volunteer programme has attracted dedicated workers representing over 30 nations across the planet.

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Documenting Social Injustices,
  Making Invisible People Visible,
Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Photography has played a significant role in advancing human rights. Images possess the potential to expose suffering, oppression and injustices. A picture can mobilise a thousand voices and attract an army of helpers to a just cause. Through our interviews, videos, and photographs, we strive to empower the marginalised by documenting social injustices, making invisible homeless people visible, and giving voice to marginalised communities. Everyone deserves to be heard. We are friends with homeless/disadvantaged people, many of whom are eager to tell their stories and express their opinions. Refuge Network faithfully documents these experiences. You will find them in pictures and videos on our media platforms. These images also reflect various aspects of our charitable work.