What we do


The Fight Against Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery

We work with victims of human trafficking,sexual exploitation and all forms of modern day slavery.

Our work in this area revolves around providing pragmatic solutions to individuals and groups blighted by these multifaceted vices by:


i.Creating awareness concerning the problems: through various information dissemination channels such as social media,traditional news media,lectures,leaflet distribution and other forms of information dissemination.


ii.Coordinating efforts towards rescuing and rehabilitating victims:through investigative and interactive programmes aimed at tracking trafficking routes and slave locations, identifying victims,facilitating rescue,and working towards their rehabilitation and reintegration into normal society.


 The Fight Against Extreme Poverty

Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.”
– Chinese Proverb

This powerful Chinese proverb is an apt summation of our philosophy and approach towards confronting the desperate situation of extreme poverty amongst the poor and marginalised groups we work with.We first supply the fish where necessary,by catering for urgent immediate needs,and then we teach them how to fish,through the application of our people empowerment programmes.Here we employ a two-pronged strategy which we have tagged as the 2C’s of poverty alleviation.The Cs represent CONFRONTATION and CONSOLIDATION.

i.Confrontation:we confront needs as we identify them.This involves combating poverty through real time intervention in the lives of the acutely poor by providing materials such as food,clothing,and short-term relief resources to help deal with immediate and urgent needs.

ii.Consolidation:we consolidate on the work started,by working to empower victims through the provision of viable frame work and structures such as educational institutions,small business mentoring,vocational skills acquisition,etc to pave way for sustainable development and improvement in the quality of life.

The Fight For The Marginalised

We work to promote the interest of socially marginalised persons and groups.Refugees,orphans,widows,victims of domestic abuse,victims of rape and others who have been driven to the fringes of human existence either by the system or by any of life’s multifarious unpredictable circumstances.

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