Who we are

Refuge Network International is a non profit humanitarian organisation whose mission is to help fight social injustice,empower the marginalised and alleviate human suffering.We work with victims of human trafficking,refugees,prostitutes,those in abject poverty,and other marginalised groups.

VISION:our vision is to to see a free and fair world.One devoid of haunting poverty,senseless human suffering and social injustice.

MISSION:our mission is to help fight social injustice,empower the marginalised,and alleviate human suffering.

PASSION:we are passionate about the poor,the helpless and the hopeless.We want to be a voice for the voiceless,a refuge for the vulnerable and a source of strength for the weak.

ACTION:we intend to make a difference in our world by deploying all resources at our disposal via a simple four-fold action plan which is summarized as follows:

i.Information:we are committed to devoting time and effort into disseminating quality and well-researched information aimed at creating awareness about the issues at stake,highlighting areas of urgent need ,and pointing the way forward in terms of positive response.

ii.Mobilization:we shall actively mobilize man-power,materials and money to channel wholly towards helping to address the needs and inequalities as they arise.

iii.Operation:we will be actively and directly involved as an organisation in all areas of need that we represent,with a view to ensuring that each situation is properly and adequately addressed with the means at our disposal.

iv.Co-operation:we shall work collaboratively with individuals,groups,faith-based entities,communities,governments and international agencies to facilitate the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of our organisation.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY:we are financially accountable to donors and all stake-holders.All material and financial contributions to Refuge Network International are channelled entirely towards supporting the various causes we represent.As a matter of principle and integrity,RNI is structured such that no principal staff of the organisation including its head is entitled to any salary.This way we are able to ensure that resources are appropriately channelled to areas of need.In furtherance of this objective,at the end of each financial year,all stake-holders will be given a copy of our financial statement,prepared by an independent third party to make for transparency and fiscal accountability.

International Advisory Team



Charles Gimoh 


BA (Hons), Dip Int Trd, LLM | Founder and Head of Operations

Charles is the Founder of Refuge Network International. He is a consultant in international human rights law and an expert on strategic migration. His passion for social justice, borne out of a vision to see the equitable distribution of humanity’s collective socio-economic and cultural patrimony to benefit the world’s poor and marginalised peoples, led to the founding of RNI and catalysed his ongoing research efforts focused on finding answers to some of the many challenges facing the poor, particularly in Africa. He holds a Master of Laws degree with Merit, in human rights law, from Birkbeck Law School, University of London. Charles coordinates the activities of RNI globally. He also heads HC and JP International, two other non-profit.

 Josephine Gimoh


BA, PG Cert IPCY | Strategic Children’s Projects Coordinator

Josephine has a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management from London Metropolitan University, a postgraduate certificate in Integrated Practice in Childhood and Youth, and is currently doing a Masters programme in Childhood and Youth Studies. She coordinates RNI’s special projects for kids.

Mr Ike Iyasele

Bsc, MBA, FCIB, ACIS | Vice President Citibank Nigeria Ltd
Ike is a seasoned administrator in Nigeria with good international exposure. He is a University Scholar with an MBA in Finance and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria. He brings his depth of leadership experience to support the cause.

Jackie Martinez

 BA (Hons) | Humanitarian Activist
Jackie holds a Bachelors degree from the United Kingdom and comes from a culturally rich background that spans 2 continents.She is also a passionate activist on humanitarian issues.

Kemi Fadojutimi


TV Presenter, and Media/PR Consultant

Kemi is an alumnus of the George Washington University School of Business, and is a member of the advisory board of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program (VWEEP) at Yale School of Management. She lives in the US where she presents a TV show. Kemi is also the Chief Executive Officer of ALL EYES ON AFRICA and is the Director of Dare2Dream Organisation, a people empowerment NGO. She is involved in various high level international humanitarian activities one of which is the Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative where she is the Vice Chair Board of Directors. Her wealth of experience is an invaluable asset to our organisation.

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