Micro Finance & Small Business Support Projects

Millions in Africa survive on less than $1 a day.Jobs are scarce and recent International Labour Organisation statistics show the unemployment rate in Sub Saharan Africa is the highest in the world.Unemployment rate in Mauritania is 30.99%,South Africa’s is 24.88% and Libya is 19.42%.
To put these figures in perspective,compare them to majority of countries in all other regions of the world where the rate is in single digits.
The main glimmer of hope in the midst of these dismal statistics is the fact that there is an abundance of untapped potentials and opportunities in Africa.If given the right kind of moral and financial stimuli,these opportunities can be harnessed to improve the lot of many.
To this end,we have ongoing small scale initiatives aimed at directly impacting the most vulnerable towards helping them to become economically empowered.The assistance we give is in the form of micro financing and small business support.Specifically,we offer:
  • Small loans to kick-start or develop small businesses
  • Goods at competitive trade prices to individuals and traders to help create a sustainable income stream
  • Entrepreneurial training and business mentoring to individuals and small businesses
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