Helping Africa’s Children

Africa’s future is dependent on its children.They represent the continent’s hopes,aspirations and prospects for the next generation.Neglect of the African child is in effect a neglect of Africa’s future.

Today,the African child is facing a barrage of challenges ranging from high rate of mortality,diseases,poverty,lack of proper education,child labour,domestic abuse,malnutrition,and sexual exploitation.

The statistics are disturbing:

  • The latest data from 2013 show that sub-Saharan Africa shoulders the world’s highest under-five mortality rates. All 12 countries with an  under-five mortality rate of 100 or more deaths per 1,000 live births are in sub-Saharan Africa, and 10 of these are in West and Central Africa.  On average, 1 out of every 11 children born in sub-Saharan Africa dies before age 5. This is nearly 15 times the average rate (1 in 159) in  high-income countries.- UNICEF.
  • Africa has the largest number of child soldiers in the world.The number is estimated to be about 120,000 representing about 40% of the global  total.Child soldiers are being used in armed conflicts in Central African Republic,Chad,Democratic  Republic of Congo, Somalia and Sudan.
  • The highest proportion of child labourers is in Sub Saharan Africa, where 26 percent of children (49 million) are involved in work.
  • Two of the top 5 countries in the world for child sexual abuse are in Africa.One child is raped in South Africa every three minutes, according to a 2009 report by trade union Solidarity Helping Hand.More than 67,000 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children were reported in 2000, according to the Telegraph.Some of the victims were as young as six-months-old, a number of whom died from their injuries,while others contracted HIV.Many people in South Africa believe that sex with a virgin can heal someone from HIV/AIDS.
    We are passionate about Africa’s children.So we have various initiatives in place for support.
    Our operations include:
  • Helping orphans
  • Supporting destitute children with education and mentoring
  • Fighting child sex slavery and child exploitation
  • Helping those in economically challenged communities
  • Provision of free food and clothing to street children who abound in some of Africa’s major cities
  • Free health care intervention programmes


We need your assistance to help address these needs.There are volunteer positions for nurses,doctors,lawyers,teachers and other support personnel.
See how YOU can join our fight for Africa’s future by clicking on this link WHERE & HOW YOU CAN HELP.
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