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Zambian Prostitute Dies in Malaysia Detention Prison:Many Zambian Girls Rotting in Malaysian Prisons

In-case you have taken long to hear from any of your female relatives who went to Malaysia for greener pastures, get a phone now and call them the moment you are done reading this article. through its investigative scribes has got information that so many of our young Zambian girls are rotting in Kopleks Pejabat prison after being arrested in prostitution.

Back to the point, One Zambian woman only identified as Phiri Thandiwe (with a red X)  commonly known by her friends as ‘Thandy’ died in a Malaysian prison  yesterday evening as she waited for her deportation back to Zambia. This is how got to know this information:- If you are arrested for staying illegally in Malaysia, you end up being locked up into a detention centre and this time our Zambian blood was locked up in Kajang Prison. In the same prison cells, there were so many women mostly those arrested for trading sex. Amongst those women was a Nigerian lady in her 30s who with God’s mercy was put on the next flight after her close friends had managed to send her an air ticket through the prison warden. Its this Nigerian lady that secretly gave a small piece of paper to one of the good Samaritan patrol guards. The paper had a few words that read “Please officer, Kindly call this number and tell whoever answers it that a Zambian by names Phiri Thandiwe had died and thrown in the mortuary”.

Phiri Thandiwe was among the women that were arrested together with other prostitutes in December 2014 in Malaysia for prostitution. Phiri Thandiwe died in a Kopleks Kajang custody centre where she has been ever since she and other detainees were arrested. A source in Malaysia has informed that most prisoners can not grip the un-conducive environment in the Malaysian prisons so was Phiri. A source further revealed that there’s another Ethiopian girl that is almost about to die on her death bed. Instantaneous intervention from Zambian top administration is needed to stop such sudden deaths of prisoners whose deportation has delayed. The concrete cause of Phiri’s death is not yet clear but investigations are still going on. One of the Late Phiri Thandiwe’s room-mates has told that Phiri’s death is a big shock to her friends and they were also planning to come back to Zambia before they got arrested for doing the same business. May her soul rest in eternal peace. We request you to share this story onto your facebook wall, You never know one of Phiri’s relatives could me amongst your facebook friends.

Source:  MusicZambia

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