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Ritual Killings of the Vulnerable in Ghana:Mad Man’s Head Nearly Severed By Unknown Assailants For Rituals – Very Graphic Photos

In a rather bizarre situation, a mad man who roams the streets of Sefwi-Wiawso in the Western Region of Ghana nearly had his head severed by some unknown assailants but for the timely intervention of his legs, he would have been dead by now.

On the night of 9th March 2015, some unknown assailants tried to sever the head of a mad man who is popular in the Sefwi-Wiawso district. According to eye witnesses, the mad man who usually sleeps outside under a tree was heard wailing in the night while running, this drew the attention of neighbours who stepped out to find out what was going on because it was not usual of him.

He was seen with deep cutlass wounds around his cheek and the back of his neck. From the look of it, it’s obvious they tried cutting his head off by hitting him on the neck but the person missed and rather hit him on his cheek which woke him up. He was rushed to the hospital, where he received surgical treatment.

When queried as to what happened, the mad man in a rather funny way narrated his ordeal and stated that, he was sleeping when he felt a sharp pain, which jolted him out of his sleep only to feel another blow from a sharp object hit him from behind and without waiting to see who it was, took to his heels and started shouting for help.

According to residents, this is a very common practice in the district where people are murdered by having their heads severed and other parts of their bodies removed for rituals. It could likely be they wanted to sever his head for rituals but for the timely intervention of his legs which gave him wings to fly.

The perpetrators behind the crime are still unknown and at large. People in the town have been advised to take precaution.

Below are images of the outcome of the incident. Viewer discretion is advised as the images are gory.

Source: omgGhana

Mad Man

Mad Man 2

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