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Nigerian Migrant Jumps To His Death From Storey Building While Running From Police In Malaysia

Malaysia is a favourite Asian destination for Nigerian youths seeking greener pastures abroad.Many visit the country for legitimate reasons.Some travel to there as tourists,then stay back illegally on expiration of their visa.Others go to study in Malaysian universities but eventually get sucked into the dark world of drug smuggling,internet fraud and other criminal activities.

Chinedu died with tears in his eyes


Chinedu’s corpse with tears in his eyes



The young man in question,simply identified as Chinedu, died early this week after jumping off his 3rd floor apartmentĀ at Mutari Sadangi in Malaysia while trying to evade arrest by Malaysian law enforcement officers who were after him.

He is reported to have plunged headlong from the tall building,landing on his head and sustaining fatal internal injuries in the process.He died at the hospital he was rushed to after the incident.

Though the reason behind his desperate bid to escape police arrest is still unknown,it is suspected that Chinedu who hails from Delta state Nigeria,may have been living illegally in the country and was trying to evade arrest,imprisonment for illegal stay and subsequent deportation to Nigeria.There is also the probability that he was into some sort of criminal activity.However,these are mere conjectures.

There is no love lost between Nigerians and Malaysian law enforcement authorities.Due to the unwholesome activities of a few bad eggs within the Nigerian community in Malaysia,the average Nigerian youth there,is generally seen as a scammer,drug peddler or illegal immigrant by the police.

There are a lot of Nigerians in Malaysian prisons and some have lost their lives in situations involving the police and hostile individuals within the Malaysian communities where they reside.

Some Nigerians Who Have Paid The Ultimate Price In Malaysia

Tunde Adelabu,a Nigerian student was killed last year by Malaysian police during a similar raid

Tunde Adelabu allegedly shot dead by Malaysian police while fleeing a police raid.

Solomon, a 29yr old Nigerian student killed in Malaysia

Solomon’s corpse

nigerian man shot dead police malaysia

Ene Sampson, Nigerian illegal immigrant allegedly shot dead by Malaysian police while trying to escape during an immigration raid.

Ene Sampson

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