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Illegal immigrant fed to sharks by people trafficker

A suspected people trafficker has been taken into custody by Italian police after he was accused of feeding an illegal immigrant to a shark. The man in his 20s was attempting to enter the EU illegally by boat when he died after inhaling petrol fumes.

Witnesses claim his body was then thrown overboard and it was instantly eaten by a group of man-eating sharks. Hundreds of Africans were crammed into the boat, leaving the man unable to breathe in fresh air.

He was part of a mass exodus from Africa to the European Union, following upheaval in countries like Libya and Egypt. The suspect was arrested by police after the boat was intercepted by coast guards and taken to the Sicilian port of Ragusa. He had tried to pretend to be one of the illegals.

A police spokesman told The Sun: “Those on board said the man who died had suffocated from petrol fumes and his body was thrown overboard by the skipper of the boat. It was devoured instantly by sharks who had been following it and they were horrified by what they saw.”

This is the 14th people smuggler to have been arrested this year and coincides with warnings that Europe is being deluged with illegal immigrants. Foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni said: “The European Union is an economic powerhouse but it spends just three million euro a month on this problem which has to be tackled at its root in Libya.”

As a result of the EU’s Schengen border agreement, illegal immigrants can get as far as British immigration in Calais once they enter Italy.

The Islamic State also claims that it is hiding fighters amongst the immigrants in order to mount an attack. This has led security experts to suggest hundreds of trained terrorists could be roaming the EU without the authorities even knowing anything about it.

Source: Breitbart

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