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Graphic Video Evidence Of Gross Human Rights Violation By Nigerian People Traffickers (Warning:Contains Nudity)

Refuge Network International,has come across a heart-rending video recording of one of the revolting acts of human rights violation that many victims of Nigerian sex traffickers are subjected to by their Modern Day slave masters.

It is a crying shame that Nigerian human trafficking gangs are operating with impunity both within Nigeria and internationally.It is even more shocking that their activities are being perpetrated in the full glare of governments,law enforcement agencies and the general public.

The network of these groups cuts across Africa,the Middle East,Europe and Asia.Vulnerable Nigerian girls and even children are being trafficked en masse  to countries like Ghana,Burkina Faso, Mali,Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire,Libya and Morocco,Italy,France,UAE,Qatar,Greece,the list is endless!

These girls are subsequently enslaved and subjected to all sorts of dehumanising treatment.The video below is a graphic evidence of one of the harrowing experiences that some victims are made to go through.We hope viewing this would galvanise you into doing something to help fight against this menace.

The video is mature content and viewer discretion is strongly advised.It is for ADULTS only.We do not encourage or promote nudity in any form,but this video has been uploaded with a view to exposing another facet of this terrible evil.Please click on the link below to watch: 

Chisom Made to Swear Naked by Her Madam

Refuge Network International is actively involved in combating human trafficking and sexual exploitation of vulnerable people.Get in touch to see how you can help take a stand against these utterly reprehensible vices.

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