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Our organisation is committed towards promoting diversity in all sections of our work. We are convinced that we have a lot to learn and benefit from different cultures and perspectives, and that diversity will make our organisation more effective in meeting the needs of all involved. We are dedicated to building an organisation in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are nurtured and valued, and where those with different experiences are able to participate and contribute.So we welcome volunteers from all segments of society.

We encourage applications from people of other countries as well as from nationals within the countries we work in.If you are considering coming to help from a foreign country,we would advise you to come as a Responsible Traveller so that you join us as a Responsible Volunteer.If volunteering as a local,please complete the application form below and we will get back to you.


Responsible Travelling is a new trend in tourism where travellers make a conscious effort to plan their trip responsibly with a view to respecting and benefiting the local people and the environment they are visiting.It is about bringing the traveller closer to the local people,their culture,their wild life and their environment.In doing this you consciously choose to discover aspects of the people’s history,engage in the local community,relate to the locals at close range,respect their values and customs,and assist towards protecting their environment and wildlife.


Responsible Travelling would naturally translate into Responsible Volunteering if you decide to volunteer during your trip.So whether you are travelling for work,holiday purpose,or if your trip is primarily to visit family or friends,you could choose to do so responsibly and as a volunteer with an organisation working in your host community.Responsible Travellers make Responsible Volunteers.

This is a rapidly emerging concept that is fast gaining grounds in the volunteer community.It is one that suits the philosophy,structure and objectives of our organisation.We have modified the concept to come up with our own unique structure for volunteering.You can plan to spend part of your trip helping out with some of our projects.You may also come primarily to volunteer with us and choose to do so in a responsible way as defined above.

Should you decide to follow this route,we will be happy to help plan aspects of your trip in the host nation.We can help book your hotel or sort out a rented accommodation based on your preferences.We can also assist with a tour guide,language interpreter,house maid,driver or rented car,etc.

List of Some Things We Can Do For You

With the benefit of our local expertise,this is a list of what we can do for Responsible Travellers if you need our service:

  • Help you secure a suitable safe hotel,self-catering,local host family,or rented accommodation within your budget
  • Help arrange for a safe airport pick up on your arrival
  • Help provide a reliable trustworthy local guide to escort you partly or fully during your stay
  • Help provide the service of a language interpreter if needed
  • Help provide the service of a house help if needed
  • Help provide the service of a driver or help you rent a car
  • Help with your local shopping if needed
  • Help ensure your trip fulfils the ethos of Responsible Travelling while planning with you around your itinerary
  • Help with business support services if you are a business traveller
  • Help with issues to do with importing and exporting goods or services in the host country
  • Help provide any other assistance you may need locally within the limits of our capacity


Words From Young Beneficiaries of our Programmme

Essentially,we become your local contact on the field and give you the benefit of home advantage that most travellers miss when they visit foreign lands.We can do all of the above or some of them depending on your needs and preferences.Importantly,we will get you the BEST deals on price and quality,while ensuring you do not fall into any of the usual traps that tourists face in a new country.

In return,you can help us by paying a service fee to cover our cost for the service and as a donation to our organisation.By choosing this option,you would not only get the best deals and expert assistance on your trip,you would also be supporting our humanitarian causes and helping the local economy and community.It is a great and richly rewarding way to give back to society while having fun at the same time!

As is the practice in the majority of humanitarian organisations,volunteer work is purely voluntary and we offer no form of remuneration for the service.Volunteers are fully responsible for their transport,accommodation,feeding,insurance,upkeep and personal expenditure during the process.

We will offer you a certificate at the end of your service.You would also get work experience,learn new things and get work reference from us whenever you need one.

How To Apply?

You can apply to work within your own country on our behalf either as a fund raiser or as a member of our organisation helping out with activities we would assign you to do on behalf of Refuge Network.You may also apply to come as a Responsible Traveller to work with us directly.


Whether you wish to volunteer as a local activist for us in your own community or to come over to help out on the field,you would need to first complete an online volunteer application form so we get to know more about you and see how to match you with specific needs.


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